To Flu Shot Or Not

Will you be getting your flu shot?

As a mom surrounded by moms who are anti-vaccine, I tend to not talk about how pro-vaccine I am. Most of my friends didn't almost lose their babies at birth, or witness the life-saving effects of a shot that can prevent a preemie from getting RSV, which is standard today. I'm so grateful for that, because we had copays for that shot that took a third of my check back then, even though they knew how important it was. My kiddo was denied the shot's protection by insurance, contracted it and became deathly ill, by the way, before we just sucked it up and paid for those shots ourselves and begged a doctor to deem it "medically necessary" to even access them.

So yeah. I'm pro-vaccine. I'm not here to argue with anyone, but I am here to remind you to get your flu shots. The flu kills people every year and I still have terrible damage done to my body the last time I had a high fever for days. I sure wish I'd gotten a shot that year, or at least gone to the doctor when I had the flu.

Do you have any anti-flu tips aside from obviously getting your shot and seeing the doctor? Share them in the chat and be sure to get that flu shot!

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