Flavored Tobacco Bans

States are starting to issue bans on flavored tobacco products

Massachusetts is the first state to ban all flavored tobacco products, but more states are sure to follow as more deaths of children related to e-cigarettes are reported. Honestly is anyone really surprised by this? Just because the odor's not there doesn't mean the harm isn't, and with so many fun flavors, of course kids are going to get hooked. Sigh.

New York is also joining the ban on e-cigarette flavors, and I'm wondering which state will be next? California? It's a good step toward stopping kids from smoking but I also know a lot of smokers who aren't going to like it. I have family members who enjoy the flavors, too. Trump was supposed to take action on this issue but now lawmakers are saying he's going to give in to big tobacco, which really isn't a surprise.

What do you think of the bans? Do you think they'll help?

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