First Black Female Neurosurgeon Resident at Johns Hopkins

Congratulations, Nancy Abu-Bonsrah

The fact that it took Johns Hopkins Hospital 30 years to accept a black woman into its neurosurgical residency program itself is big news, but let's not allow that to taint the awesome news that Nancy Abu-Bonsrah has been admitted as the first black woman to the program. It's the second best program of its kind in the country and it only accepts a handful of residents every year, so it's an honor for anyone, but Abu-Bonsrah is making history.

The doctor hopes to bring medical care, particularly of the surgical variety, to underserved areas after finishing her residency. She also wants to help serve the medical needs of Ghana, where she lived until the age of 15. She is blazing a trail for other young women to follow and serves as an example of what kind of future they may look forward to.

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photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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