Fat And Fasting

Is sugar the real enemy?

Proponents of ketogenic eating for weight loss and general health make the argument that our bodies need fat for survival and that sugar, not fat, is the true enemy. Compelling arguments have been made about the rise of obesity coinciding with the rise of fat-free, sugar-laden foods, and everyone from Dr. Jason Fung to Dr. Becky Campbell argues that humans were meant to live off our own fat storage during times of lean eating, which is why so many are obese today. Many people may not have access to nutritional foods, but access to sugar-filled foods is higher than ever, and humans don't participate in fasting nearly as often as our ancestors did.

Fung and company also argue that voluntary fasting is key to optimal health, which raises some interesting points as well as concerns. We know what happens when people starve to death or develop dangerous eating disorders, but the benefits of planned, purposeful fasting can't be ignored, especially when it comes to people who are overweight. Those who perform fasts attest to its easy implementation after a period of feeling hungry, and people have used fasting for centuries for everything from healing to religious practices with mixed results.

Have you ever tried fasting or ketogenic eating for health purposes? What did you think? What does your doctor say about these ideas? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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