Facebook Allows Lies About Women's Health

Didn't they just promise to stop doing this?

Facebook's pledge to do more about the spread of misinformation on its site has been a joke, but I can hardly blame them. Is it really their job to stop people from being gullible and fact-checking things before they believe and share them? As much as I hate that the social network has become so integrated into our world and is the home of much information (not to mention hatred), I also have to say that we're responsible for believing in what we choose to believe.

That said, spreading false news and medical information is so irresponsible, and Facebook needs to crack down on how easily this occurs. Recently a right-wing blog paid for a bunch of misleading ads about abortion on Election Day and Facebook simply allowed it to happen. These kinds of ads really need to be fact-checked and if Facebook can't do it, maybe someone needs to step in and regulate the country before it helps hand us over to Russia. Again.

Sign here to tell Facebook to step up their fact-checking and share your own actions this week in the chat.

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