Evidence-Based Medicine

Is it even standard anymore?

The first time I realized that many physicians deviate from evidence-based medicine was when I heard one doctor, which turned out to be the first of many, tell me that I needed to go on a diet. Despite being athletic and having a strong heart and good blood pressure at the time, each doctor I saw had a boon to pick with me. Not only did they ignore my good numbers and the fact that I already worked out daily, but they also ignored the fact that most diets fail. That's pretty much going against evidence, right? It's not very scientific.

I've since learned so many things--from the fact that the BMI is terribly flawed, to the fact that many doctors are biased. My husband, who has a similar BMI, was told by his doctor that he's in fine health due to his numbers! He's active at work, muscular and apparently more fit than me, but then he was denied insurance based on his BMI later. The syste is ludicrous. When I finally had a doctor tell me as long as my numbers were good, he was good, and that I may or may not lose weight trying to do lose weight, it was a jaw-dropping experience.

How many physicians have you encountered who don't use evidence-based medicine? How have you dealt with it?

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