Effects Of 30 Years Of Smoking On The Lungs

It's as disturbing as it sounds

It's sobering to see the effects of our choices with the clarity of hindsight, especially when it comes to habits that we might not have understood previously. The effects of sitting for long periods of time, for example, are now coming to light and may be as deadly as many other bad habits.

Smoking wasn't always a known danger, which is why it's not only so heartbreaking for those who've smoked for decades, but also scary for those of us today who are exposed to thousands of new things that are deemed "safe"... for now. These photos and footage of lungs after 30 years of smoking are especially revealing. They make my heart hurt and I wish I could just eliminate addiction to prevent and reverse these effects out of my loved ones who smoke.

What other health risks have you read about this week? Share your news stories in the chat.

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