Doctors Upset Over Patients Using Prescription Websites

Can you blame either of them?

Doctors are upset about patients utilizing online stores to purchase prescription drugs, saying that it's like drive-through menu ordering, sometimes when the patients don't even know if they truly need the drugs or not. This is a legitimate concern, as doctors should be involved in helping patients make informed health decisions.

That said, I absolutely can't fault patients who don't have the $30 copay, let alone insurance at all, to see a doctor for a diagnosis, or who can't afford drugs already prescribed, seeking these same drugs online for a fraction of the cost. Outside the United States, many prescriptions are super cheap since they're not run by for-profit businesses. What's the solution? Universal healthcare, naturally, but it's not about to come to a head with the current administration.

Do you use online drug sellers to get your medicine? Do you use prescriptions to get them?

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