Do You Sneeze After Eating?

Maybe you have Gustatory rhinitis

For months now, my teenager has been sneezing after eating, prompting me to wonder if it's a food allergy or something. There are no other symptoms and my kiddo is fine except for feeling annoyed by the sneezing, so when I looked it up and learned about Gustatory rhinitis, it made a lot of sense to me. It's usually benign and caused by eating, sometimes by eating trigger foods, especially the kind with garlic. Considering the fact that the kid adds garlic to everything (even their eggs in a basket!) I can totally see this.

Avoiding trigger foods looks like the most reliable way to curtail the sneezes (or sneezles, as we call them), but decongestants, pinching the bridge of your nose and holding your breath were also all suggested when I looked it up. We'll bring it up during the next well visit, but in the meantime we may try the non-decongestant ideas out. The kid says it doesn't even bother that much.

Do you sneeze after you eat? Do you do anything to stop it? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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