Dental Scalers

Do you use them?

Have you ever used an electronic dental scaler? Apparently they vibrate so fast that they can remove calculus, dirt and much more from your teeth. I've read many reviews from coffee and tea drinkers like myself who swear by these products, but I've also seen plenty of people post negative reviews about them. I also know that people are paid to review things, as I've been offered to do in the past (and politely declined). That's true of just about anything, which is why I'd love to see what you all think.

It's not that I don't want to get a cleaning or see a dentist; well, yes, it is. I want clean teeth but I can't stand someone poking around my body, especially right in my face! I can give myself all the pain I can tolerate. I'd rather yank out my own tooth than have it pulled (and I have). Anyone else with me?

So do you use scalers and if so, how well do they work?

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