Dems Duke It Out Over Drug Bill

Meanwhile people are allowed to die without affording prescriptions...

I can't help but laugh, without humor, when I read that the Dems are struggling to agree on Pelosi's drug pricing bill, which would allow the government to negotiate prescription costs over SOME drugs on the market. Meanwhile Americans die every day without access to medical care or live in poverty, under bankruptcy declared from medical bills, while citizens in countries with socialized medicine only stare at us and shake their heads. Is this really the best they can do?

I'd argue no, that it's not, and that our socialized military, education system, social security and Medicare are all evidence that yes, we can afford to do this. Yes, we can legislate it and make it work. No, it won't bankrupt us, because once you take out the heavy cost inflation added in our current for-profit system it's a fraction of what it already costs taxpayers.

Is universal healthcare on your list of desires from next year's election? What else are you looking for in terms of health and medicine?

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