Dangerous Water in American Schools

And other troubling news

We all know that when it comes to taking care of our home, the Earth, we can ALL do better, and that we really must do better if we want to continue living here. This week I read that there's a bunch of lead in many American schools, which should make us all quite uneasy, to say the least. I remember throwing away my Harry Potter bookends just because I was afraid my two-year-old might lick them after I saw them on a lead paint recall! Why on Earth would we think that it's okay for our drinking water to contain dangerous levels of lead?

In other troubling news, antibiotic resistance is continuing to spread, and it's largely due to people flushing their meds and the meds ending up in wastewater treatment plants. Please don't do this! Even a tiny amount makes a huge impact.

What other terrible environmental news have you read about this week? Have any positive news to share instead? Post it in the chat!

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