A Cure For Cancer?

Israeli scientists say they've got it!

Have you heard the big news? Israeli scientists are saying that not only have they found the cure for cancer, or will have the cure ready within a year, but that it will also be cheap, effective and simple with little to no side effects.

Incredible! Can you imagine if this had been around when... well, we've all lost loved ones to this terrible disease and we all probably know someone who could use something like this right now. Hopefully they're right, and hopefully they're willing to share with the rest of the world. I often wonder if a U.S. scientist might also know the secrets to cancer destruction but with our terrible for-profit healthcare system, they were hushed or ridiculed into silence to keep the money rolling in. I know it's a terrible conspiracy theory, but these days it's easy to think the worst.

In this case, I'm hoping for the best. May these scientists be on the cusp of greatness and amazing discovery, and may other scientists do the same with stopping climate change. Soon.

Have you read any great medical breakthrough news lately?

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