Coronavirus Strikes United States

Dozens of cases confirmed

If you haven't yet heard, the coronavirus is making its way across the country with as many as 63 confirmed cases reported in the United States so far. The virus, which began in China, has taken over 40 lives and affected hundreds of people so far.

It's a good time to review proper handwashing techniques and germ/illness prevention in classrooms and homes. If you're sick, stay home when you can, and don't touch your eyes, nose and mouth, especially if you've not washed those hands! Don't visit crowded places or places where people are sick if you can avoid it, and if you get sick, cover your mouth when you cough. As always, get those flu shots, drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep and eat those veggies to stay strong and healthy.

Do you have any great germ and illness preventing tips for the season? Share them here in the chat.

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