Christmas Lights Equal Happy People

Plus news on energy drinks

Are you one of those people who scoff at putting up your Christmas tree well before Thanksgiving, demanding to wait until after the holiday to erect your tree? Me, too. I like to wait so I don't get sick of the decorations after they've been up for more than a month. A month, for me, is a good limit to all decorations, Halloween, Christmas or whatever. But according to one psychoanalyst, people who put their decorations up early are simply more excited about life, so maybe they're happier than those of us who tend to be grumpy Grinches about early decorating. Who knew?

Speaking of weird medical news, did you hear that drinking just one caffeinated energy drink can increase your risk of stroke or heart attack in 90 minutes? Granted, these studies come out all the time and often contradict one another, but given how terrible energy drinks taste to me I'm okay with agreeing with this one! Something that tastes that bad can't be good for you.

What interesting medical news have you come across this week?

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