A Cell Phone Doesn't Make Someone Rich

Not to mention, everyone deserves healthcare!

When I'm older, I hope and pray that I won't look at people younger than me and think they don't deserve something just because I didn't have it, or judge them on their culture. I know every generation does this but I really see it everywhere and hope I don't perpetuate it. I've heard lots of people bad-mouth anyone who has a cell phone but needs medicaid or food stamps. 

I just can't fathom these comments! Do they know how integral an internet connection is today for job searching, homework, jobs themselves and life in general? Do they know that you need an actual phone to be called back for a job interview? I can't wrap my head around it. And so many of them think that no one "deserves" medicaid and that you should only get medicare when you retire. Tell that to the dozens of countries with universal healthcare! What happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Do you think that food and health care should be rights? What about a minimum income from the government or a rasied minimum wage? All of these things are integral to good healthcare, so what do you think of them?

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