Cancer Blood Testing in Development

This is world-changing

Imagine a world where you can find the cancer in your body without biopsies or anything more invasive than a pinprick to the finger or a simple needle drawing blood. That world may exist for us sooner than you think. A new blood test that is being evaluated by scientists in the United States, Italy and Australia may be able to detect 8 types of cancer soon, with three of those types previously undetectable by any other means. Not only is this news amazing for its life-saving potential but it's also another example of scientists working together across continents in order to solve problems, something that our politicians sure could learn from.

It is revolutionary breakthroughs like this one that give me hope. Between tide pod eating and people spending time on inventions that make no sense rather than things that help people, it can get you down--you know, on top of the threat of warfare and such. I'm so glad that this is a thing and hope that more breakthroughs like this keep coming.

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