Beware the Privacy of Medical Apps

(Including Period Trackers)

The more tech we use, the more we tend to underestimate how much of our data is being collected, shared and saved for "research purposes." While I'm not a total conspiracy theorist who thinks everything being recorded is to help control the masses, I do think there are major concerns that we just don't truly consider when we willingly share our information.

There are several medical apps, for example, that collect our data when we use them, and some that you wouldn't even think about. There are several menstrual cycle tracking apps, for example, that come in handy when you're tracking your period, trying to get pregnant and otherwise existing with a uterus, but did you know that your info may be tracked and saved by someone other than yourself at the same time? Apparently HIPAA Laws have no place when it comes to the apps we use every day.

Do you use any medical apps? How have you protected your privacy, if at all? Share your tips in the chat.

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