The Arts Improve Your Health

Doctors to prescribe arts to patients

The arts aren't just something to appreciate or enjoy for fun. Doctors now say that they help improve the quality of life in terms of both mental and physical health, and now doctors in the UK have decided to start prescribing patients regular immersion within the arts for better overall health. Both arts and social activities are known to help improve the quality of life of most people, so the focus will be on sending patients to cultural art centers like theaters, or for their own art lessons in music and fine arts. 

Perhaps this focus on improving life with the arts will spread around the globe and push for more arts in schools, where they tend to get cut first before sports programs. The irony is that sports themselves really don't require a whole lot of money aside from equipment; it's making them into events with teams and travel that costs so much. Including some basic art as well as physical fitness into each child's day could do a lot of good, as could fostering these habits for life. 

How do you think the arts have improved your quality of life?

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