Are You Seeing Things?

Science Can Make It Happen

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you're seeing things? I do it ALL the time. I'm talking on a daily basis. My doctor has said that I need to sleep more, and she's right, but that just proves that your imagination can be pretty powerful. But scientists can also stimulate your brain in order to make you see things, as they've done with mice. It's kind of scary, even if we already know that drugs can do this. But if we can just stimulate some cells--say with a chemical, or a pulse--in order to make people pretty much hallucinate, what's to stop it from being used for nefarious purposes?

Obviously people are already drugged for nefarious purposes already, but this seems as if it could work on multiple people at once. I don't know, maybe I'm being a bit of a conspiracy theorist right now, or maybe we're already being controlled that way and it's part of our simulation... hmmm...

What do you think of this tactic? Should we even be trying to stimulate the brain in order to see things that aren't there a la Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

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