Are Evening Meds Better?

They may be for high blood pressure

For years, people would take their medicine without much cause for worry. If anything, they might wonder whether or not they need food with the medicine, or maybe whether it would interact with other medications, but time of day hasn't usually been a concern until recently. Today we have learned that many meds interact (antibiotics can make birth control useless, please spread that around!), some make others more potent and that taking them at the same time every day can be beneficial, not to mention help you remember to take them.

A study has now shown that taking hypertension meds before bedtime may be more effective than taking them in the morning hours. People who took their medicine at night in the study had better effects and a lower death rate than those who took their medication in the morning, prompting us to wonder whether or not there is a good time to take your meds.

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