Americans Are Lonelier Than Ever

Reach out and connect with someone

Loneliness is sad enough without the plethora of health issues it can actually cause, and more Americans seem to be lonelier than ever. Our social media is making us more disconnected than connected (honestly, I think it makes me less empathetic than I used to be) and more people are aging and dying alone today than in the past. Some say that loneliness could be as bad as smoking or obesity in terms of its health risks. The chief medical officer of health at Cigna says that it's more dangerous than smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

People are saying that they feel isolated and not understood or known by anyone, and social media certainly supports such shallow interactions. It makes sense: it's the same as bullying. When you can't see the other person, hear their voice or witness their expressions, they don't feel as real to you. We're also mammals who just need to touch more than we do.

What do you do to stave off the loneliness? How could you reach out to someone who's lonely?

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