Abortion: It's Healthcare!

It saves lives and needs to be treated accordingly

A lot of people are talking about Michelle Williams' Golden Globe speech where she addressed how life-saving abortion can be even when a medical issue isn't threatening you. Anyone who can get pregnant can have their lives completely altered by a pregnancy, which can result in everything from poverty to missed opportunities to medical issues that affect you forever. Williams was absolutely right in saying that abortion needs to be protected as a safe and legal option for anyone who can get pregnant, yet plenty of people are crying foul and calling her selfish over her speech.

Her speech comes at a time when abortion rights are threatened in this country more than ever. It's terrifying to think of people with uteri having their lives in jeopardy because of the religious values of some people in the country, and of the extreme judges placed on the Supreme Court. We know the wealthy will always have the right to choose; it's the impoverished people who won't get a choice if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

And when it comes to health issues, they very widely from state to state: in a progressive state, if you have a high-risk pregnancy that nearly kills you, you'll be told not to have more children, while in a conservative one (often with more religious-based hospitals), you'll be told you can't be sterilized, you might change your mind and, if facing a high-risk pregnancy, they have ways to help "maximize" your chances of... not dying, and not losing your pregnancy. The fact that people with uteri have to face this terrifying reality while people with penises have the ability to impregnant daily without the same consequences or blame is simply outrageous in 2020.

Abortion is healthcare, and it needs to be safe, legal and protected for all. Share ways to support abortion, including which leaders to support near you who will keep the medical procedure safe, in the chat.

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