137 Women Every Day

This is a health crisis if there ever was one

What's a preventable death that can be addressed through education, law enforcement, respect and treating women like human beings? No shots required? Women murdered by their partners and fmaily members every single day around the globe. There are 137 of them every 24 hours. 

Women, I don't know about you, but I've been taught to use keys as a weapon, to travel in a group, to never go to the bathroom alone and a bunch of other advice to avoid being attacked in public my whole life. My husband was only told to not talk to strangers. Guess what? It turns out the greatest threat isn't strangers but our own families and partners. Who knew? We did. We all have stories in our families about handsy uncles and inappropriate grandfathers and maybe even a few relatives locked up for touching or hurting girls. This violence isn't Other. It's not Monster Lurking in the Shadows or Stalker in the Alley. It's Daddy, Gramps, Uncle, Brother, Husband.

And violent men are killing men, too. They're indiscriminate. But women aren't killing men like that. Something has to be done to address the global health crisis of male violence to protect us all. What do we do about it?

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