Doctors Upset Over Patients Using Prescription Websites

Doctors are upset about patients utilizing online stores to purchase prescription drugs, saying that it's like drive-through menu ordering, sometimes when the patients don't even know if they truly need the drugs or not. This is a legitimate concern, as doctors should be involved in helping patients make informed health decisions.

Women in Medicine Say Me Too

Doctors are in such positions of power that it's difficult to think of them as victims of anything, let alone harassment, but it happens to women no matter their profession. Women in the medical field are also often likely to be lower down the food chain within the hierarchy, giving many higher-ups a sense of entitlement and power over them. A recent slew of doctors have come forward to share their #metoo moments and they are just as disturbing as any other women's stories.

First Black Female Neurosurgeon Resident at Johns Hopkins

The fact that it took Johns Hopkins Hospital 30 years to accept a black woman into its neurosurgical residency program itself is big news, but let's not allow that to taint the awesome news that Nancy Abu-Bonsrah has been admitted as the first black woman to the program. It's the second best program of its kind in the country and it only accepts a handful of residents every year, so it's an honor for anyone, but Abu-Bonsrah is making history.

Dr. Peter Breggin Shares Light on Michelle Carter Case

The case of Michelle Carter, a young depressed woman who texted her depressed boyfriend and told him to kill himself, has the nation in an uproar calling for blood. Aside from the obvious dangerous implications this case can have on freedom of speech, its importance in terms of mental health and the effects of drug use to treat it have come under fire. While the woman, who was 17 when the boy she'd only met a few times killed himself, did receive a guilty sentence, many people are calling for her to spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Your Runner's High is Like a Pot High

"I don't need pot. I get a natural high!" I know I've heard this one before. How about you? I'm not even a drug user and it irritates me. I know we can all be a little sanctimonious at times, but I really do think that our government has made things like pot look a lot worse than they truly are, and people are shamed and jailed for it. Well, guess what? That high you get from running? It's just like a pot high, so congratulations--you're more alike than you thought!

Sometimes A Spade Is A Spade

Remember how last week we talked about how sometimes, as obvious as it seems, your condition may be something else entirely? How conditions like gallstones are often diagnosed as heartburn? Well, the opposite can be equally true! How many times did you decide you had a cold, then strep, then a cold, only to realize that DUH, your symptoms pointed to the cold the whole time? As painful as one can be, sometimes you just have a really painful version of the less serious condition!

Share Your Trumpcare Story

Under the proposed American Health Care Act of 2017, thousands of Americans stand to lose coverage or face skyrocketing costs. Instead of moving another step forward toward single payer coverage, the Republicans are taking America backwards (in many other ways as well). The ability to receive care despite pre-existing conditions will be nullfied, and everyone from mothers by birth to rape victims to domestic violence survivors stand to lose their coverage based on these conditions.

Is the future in regenerative medicine?

With the first head transplant in the works, people are beginning to wonder just how long humans will be able to expand our life spans. It turns out that money is being poured into regenerative medicine research right now, with companies like Goldman Sachs investing hundreds of millions of dollars into the science to attempt to find some kind of fountain of youth.


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