New Contacts Have Zoom Capabilities

As a terribly nearsighted writer, I am sometimes envious of people who don't need glasses, or who wear them conditionally for minor needs. My dad has 20/20 vision and I can't even drive well because of my vision. My poor kid inherited my sight as well. So the idea of contact lenses that let you zoom in on things makes me so excited--not just for me, but especially for my teenager.

Beware the Privacy of Medical Apps

The more tech we use, the more we tend to underestimate how much of our data is being collected, shared and saved for "research purposes." While I'm not a total conspiracy theorist who thinks everything being recorded is to help control the masses, I do think there are major concerns that we just don't truly consider when we willingly share our information.

Dangerous Water in American Schools

We all know that when it comes to taking care of our home, the Earth, we can ALL do better, and that we really must do better if we want to continue living here. This week I read that there's a bunch of lead in many American schools, which should make us all quite uneasy, to say the least. I remember throwing away my Harry Potter bookends just because I was afraid my two-year-old might lick them after I saw them on a lead paint recall!

We Don't Have Blue Blood

It's so embarrassing to see the myths we perpetuated as kids debunked on the Internet sometimes, isn't it? Some of us will fight to the death to proclaim Pluto's planetary status or that the Great Wall of China is visible from space but the fact remains that humans are proven wrong every day. We really shouldn't be embarrassed, though; instead, we should be open to learning from mistakes and moving forward.

Christmas Lights Equal Happy People

Are you one of those people who scoff at putting up your Christmas tree well before Thanksgiving, demanding to wait until after the holiday to erect your tree? Me, too. I like to wait so I don't get sick of the decorations after they've been up for more than a month. A month, for me, is a good limit to all decorations, Halloween, Christmas or whatever.

Stress Changes Our Brains

There have been some really interesting developments in terms of stress on the brain lately. Not only have we learned that stress changes the actual cellular makeup of the brain, but in female rodents some social interaction will actually help reverse the effects of the stress. If true in humans, this confirms that friendship is an important part of health, although it did not appear to be the same for male mice.


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