We Don't Have Blue Blood

It's so embarrassing to see the myths we perpetuated as kids debunked on the Internet sometimes, isn't it? Some of us will fight to the death to proclaim Pluto's planetary status or that the Great Wall of China is visible from space but the fact remains that humans are proven wrong every day. We really shouldn't be embarrassed, though; instead, we should be open to learning from mistakes and moving forward.

Christmas Lights Equal Happy People

Are you one of those people who scoff at putting up your Christmas tree well before Thanksgiving, demanding to wait until after the holiday to erect your tree? Me, too. I like to wait so I don't get sick of the decorations after they've been up for more than a month. A month, for me, is a good limit to all decorations, Halloween, Christmas or whatever.

Stress Changes Our Brains

There have been some really interesting developments in terms of stress on the brain lately. Not only have we learned that stress changes the actual cellular makeup of the brain, but in female rodents some social interaction will actually help reverse the effects of the stress. If true in humans, this confirms that friendship is an important part of health, although it did not appear to be the same for male mice.

Forest Medicine

Some of the best words in the world have no English translations. Take hygge, the Danish concept of comfort and coziness with loved ones. Don't you love it? In Japan, there is the concept of "forest medicine," which is simply healing yourself through the power of nature, wherever you are at.

Eye Protection During An Eclipse

After witnessing the amazing solar eclipse on Monday, many people are left wondering what to do with their eclipse glasses. Many have tried to recycle their glasses while others have thrown them away or tossed them in a drawer. (Keep in mind that you are advised to get rid of them after three years because they may no longer work.) Did you know that you can give those glasses away to help kids see eclipses in other countries?

The Cusp of an Antibiotic Nightmare

Overuse and Resistance are Leading Us to Uncontrollable Illnesses, Death

We have de-used antibiotics in our home for years now. Though I had to be put on the medicine when I had blood poisoning due to gallstones and my daughter was prescribed antibiotics a couple of years ago for an ear infection (which I thought was silly, since kids in Europe are rarely prescribed them for such things and they aren’t helpful in treating them), we otherwise do not use them if we can help it.

We buy milk that’s certified to not have antibiotics in it. We don’t even buy antibacterial soup or lotion that’s so popular (why do they even make it?). We do all we can to avoid using them when we don’t have to.


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