Non-Smoking Island

In an effort to become a healthier place to live, the Greek island Astypalaia has become a smoke-free place. The island is littered with cigarette butts every year, and instead of spending so much time and money on efforts to clean them up, citizens have decided to make the island a smoke-free place to live instead. According to the island's tourism website, it's an effort to improve "well-being, quality and pureness of life."

Keep Your Religious Ideas Out Of Healthcare

Remember how we were all outraged when it was ruled that pharmacists could reject your order if it was against their religious beliefs? Your life-saving medication just isn't as important as their personal beliefs, amirite? This is not okay, it never has been okay, and if you don't want to give someone medicine then get out of that business.

Yes, women who are raped can get pregnant

And drawing a distinction between "legitimate rape" is loathsome.

Todd Akin, Missouri's Republican candidate for Senate recently told a St. Louis radio station that "legitimate rape" rarely causes pregnancy. It is Akin's belief that, in his own words, "If it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down."

One of the many problems with this statement is that it is, quite simply, wrong. It is as wrong as the medieval belief that bad smells (miasmas) cause illness. As wrong as the Renaissance medical system of humors. It is not even debatably wrong, like the beliefs of climate change deniers. It is simply, 100 percent incorrect.
Like the "dunking stool" used in the Salem witch trials, pregnancy is - for some people - the indication that a woman was not "really" raped. For example, if a woman was wearing a short skirt or was a little bit tipsy, that - in their opinion - means that it was not a "legitimate rape." How can you tell? Because she got pregnant. 

The real drug war

Why aren’t we waging it on Rx meds?

This sobering thought is an oldie but goodie—well, not a goodie, but something that’s alarming when you think about it: though we don’t have any accounts of death due to vitamins in about three decades, about three million people have died due to prescription drugs.

I can definitely believe this, especially since my own mother got sick herself after taking diet medication as she attempted to lose her pregnancy weight. These simple diet pills were like speed, were known to cause death, and resulted in meth-like behavior for both my mom—who cleaned the house all day long, every single day—and me, who spent my early childhood copying her, as children do with their parents.

The Cusp of an Antibiotic Nightmare

Overuse and Resistance are Leading Us to Uncontrollable Illnesses, Death

We have de-used antibiotics in our home for years now. Though I had to be put on the medicine when I had blood poisoning due to gallstones and my daughter was prescribed antibiotics a couple of years ago for an ear infection (which I thought was silly, since kids in Europe are rarely prescribed them for such things and they aren’t helpful in treating them), we otherwise do not use them if we can help it.

We buy milk that’s certified to not have antibiotics in it. We don’t even buy antibacterial soup or lotion that’s so popular (why do they even make it?). We do all we can to avoid using them when we don’t have to.

State Insurance Should Be Accepted by All

A couple of weeks ago, we applied for Missouri HealthNet, or Medicaid, for ourselves and our daughter. We have now gone over a year without insurance and though we’ve been lucky, we’ve had some close calls—especially with what may have been pneumonia or something with me last fall, which lasted for a few months. And though I’ve been able to get birth control through the clinic, I have not been able to get anything else, such as my asthma inhaler.

Uninsured 24-Year-Old Dies from Toothache

Lacking dental insurance can kill


This recession is literally killing us. 

Conservatives who love to decry universal health care as an evil tool of socialism also love to quote the founding fathers ad nauseum, whether correctly or not. One of the most recognizable quotes from ye olde America has got to be a little something along the lines of "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness." You know, those things that we're all supposed to have a right to? I'm pretty sure the "life" part covers being able to live past the age of 24. But maybe I'm extrapolating.

Conservative Brain Vs. Liberal Brain? A Study?

Fat head conservatives are different from you and me?

There is a new scientific study out by University College London researchers that reports the brains of the right-leaning conservatives have "big amygdala, small anterior cingulate," larger 'fear centers'.

Let me repeat that -- University College London researchers say brains of the right-leaning people have big amygdala, small anterior cingulate. In other words, that the right winger are different from you and me. Their "brains are structured differently than the brains of other people."

Grilled Chicken Cancer Risk

In a world where everything appears to give us cancer - Grilled Chicken can be added to the list.

That's right folks, the same grilled chicken you have been eating at your family BBQ because you thought it was more healthy than the diablo chili dogs, may cause cancer. How is this even possible? Well, grilled chicken contains PhIP, a cancer-causing chemical. PhIP and other heterocyclic amines are formed from the creatinine, amino acids, and sugar found in muscle tissue, and are produced by the presence of hot internal and external heat and lengthy cooking times. Heterocyclic amines can bind directly to DNA and cause mutations which can be be the first step in cancer production in your body.


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