Gym Germs

People raise a lot of stink about the germs found on keyboards, kitchen sponges and cell phones, but the equipment we use to work out at the gym is also covered in gross bacteria microbes that you wouldn't want to touch if you knew they were there. A treadmill, for example, has 416 times the amount of bacteria as a toilet!

Non-Smoking Island

In an effort to become a healthier place to live, the Greek island Astypalaia has become a smoke-free place. The island is littered with cigarette butts every year, and instead of spending so much time and money on efforts to clean them up, citizens have decided to make the island a smoke-free place to live instead. According to the island's tourism website, it's an effort to improve "well-being, quality and pureness of life."

Calories Are So Last Year

Calories merely measure energy, but they've evolved to become one's worst nightmare, the barometer of the healthiness of a meal and a cultural obsession. The Economist reports that we've been counting on calories to tell us what makes us fat but it's a misleading way to go about it, and we already know that "calories in, calories out" doesn't work for the long haul; just look at Biggest Losers who maintain their new habits yet still gain weight back.

Things That Happen When You Stop Having Sex

Have you ever thought about the benefits of sex in terms of your health? If you regularly have sex but stop, there are some health effects you should know about. For starters, did you know that it can result in your immune system weakening and your stress levels rising? Stopping regular sex can cause erectile dysfunction and general decreased sex drive in all genders.

Dancing Helps Keep You Young

For years, people have said that dancing can help keep you young. It's usually taken as a figurative idea, given that dancing makes you have fun and feel young, but now scientists say that it actually can slow the aging process. When you take dance classes, for example, studies show that your brain speed and memory can increase while your overall health also benefits from the movements.

Your Runner's High is Like a Pot High

"I don't need pot. I get a natural high!" I know I've heard this one before. How about you? I'm not even a drug user and it irritates me. I know we can all be a little sanctimonious at times, but I really do think that our government has made things like pot look a lot worse than they truly are, and people are shamed and jailed for it. Well, guess what? That high you get from running? It's just like a pot high, so congratulations--you're more alike than you thought!

Laughter as Medicine

Can laughter really be used as medicine? Many people believe so, from those who engage in laughter on a daily basis as a way to relieve stress to those who enjoy practices like Laughter Yoga. Science has shown that laughter not only increases our immune cells and helps us fight infection, but it also triggers endorphins, which make us feel better. No matter what you think about laughing and cheesy comedians, they definitely have value within our lives.

Easy Self-Care Ideas

If you’re like a lot of people, you love the idea of self-care but you’re completely sick of people telling you to light a candle, take a bath and have a mani-pedi to do it. These activities are not only trite, but also not comprehensive, as not everyone enjoys them. The truth is that self-care is completely personal, so creating a good list is nearly impossible. Whether it’s a quick walk with friends, snuggling with a pet, binging Disney movies or dancing in your underwear, self-care is completely what YOU think it should be.


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