Murder-Suicide Isn't Romantic

When I read this story about a man who murdered his wife, then himself, after she got Alzheimer's and was too difficult to care for, I didn't feel misty-eyed like some readers. I was furious. We should live in a society that values people, no matter their abilities, and provides a safety net for care when a caregiver can't bear the burden. We should always have plans in place for people who need it.

Evidence-Based Medicine

The first time I realized that many physicians deviate from evidence-based medicine was when I heard one doctor, which turned out to be the first of many, tell me that I needed to go on a diet. Despite being athletic and having a strong heart and good blood pressure at the time, each doctor I saw had a boon to pick with me. Not only did they ignore my good numbers and the fact that I already worked out daily, but they also ignored the fact that most diets fail. That's pretty much going against evidence, right?


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