From Meds To Illegal Substances

You are probably well aware that cocaine used to be utilized as a medicine, but did you know that quaaludes and chloroform were also considered medicines at some point in history? It's amazing what we've used, believing it to be good for us, and what we've outlawed as "bad." People like to argue that the government merely outlaws what it can't tax, but if that were true, all community and personal gardens wouldn't be allowed (yikes, don't say that aloud!).

Are Evening Meds Better?

For years, people would take their medicine without much cause for worry. If anything, they might wonder whether or not they need food with the medicine, or maybe whether it would interact with other medications, but time of day hasn't usually been a concern until recently. Today we have learned that many meds interact (antibiotics can make birth control useless, please spread that around!), some make others more potent and that taking them at the same time every day can be beneficial, not to mention help you remember to take them.

To Flu Shot Or Not

As a mom surrounded by moms who are anti-vaccine, I tend to not talk about how pro-vaccine I am. Most of my friends didn't almost lose their babies at birth, or witness the life-saving effects of a shot that can prevent a preemie from getting RSV, which is standard today. I'm so grateful for that, because we had copays for that shot that took a third of my check back then, even though they knew how important it was.

Do You Sneeze After Eating?

For months now, my teenager has been sneezing after eating, prompting me to wonder if it's a food allergy or something. There are no other symptoms and my kiddo is fine except for feeling annoyed by the sneezing, so when I looked it up and learned about Gustatory rhinitis, it made a lot of sense to me. It's usually benign and caused by eating, sometimes by eating trigger foods, especially the kind with garlic. Considering the fact that the kid adds garlic to everything (even their eggs in a basket!) I can totally see this.

A Cell Phone Doesn't Make Someone Rich

When I'm older, I hope and pray that I won't look at people younger than me and think they don't deserve something just because I didn't have it, or judge them on their culture. I know every generation does this but I really see it everywhere and hope I don't perpetuate it. I've heard lots of people bad-mouth anyone who has a cell phone but needs medicaid or food stamps. 

Unique Mental Health Treatment Ideas

While this is obviously not the blog of a doctor and not ever meant to be medical advice, and you should talk to your own doctor before trying any treatments, this story about a woman who needed help getting away from cutting herself is an interesting one. Her therapist suggested drawing on herself instead, which makes sense; how many of us have drawn on ourselves to deal with anxiety? I know I have, especially while in school.

New Contacts Have Zoom Capabilities

As a terribly nearsighted writer, I am sometimes envious of people who don't need glasses, or who wear them conditionally for minor needs. My dad has 20/20 vision and I can't even drive well because of my vision. My poor kid inherited my sight as well. So the idea of contact lenses that let you zoom in on things makes me so excited--not just for me, but especially for my teenager.

HIV Cured in Mice

For years, a relative of mine has stated that they are convinced that we have a cure for AIDS, but that the government would never release it because it would cost the pharmaceutical companies too much money. I get the conspiracy and I know big pharma is the worst--especially in a nation that should have had universal healthcare ages ago--but I don't know if we have ever found a cure. What I do know is that scientists have cured HIV in mice, and humans may be next!


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