World's Smallest Preemie Goes Home

While in the hospital with my micropreemie, who was born three months prematurely at 17 ounces, I always hated when people told me that miracles exist, or God is good. That was fine if they believed that, but we both nearly died, and babies died around us every week. I heard a mother cry while her baby died in her arms next to me. Pregnancy and childbirth are not nearly as safe or clear as so many people, particularly the "pro-life people," would have us believe, and there are many reasons why a woman would want to, you know, not die and not have a baby.

Got a Fever?

In an age where everyone considers themselves a doctor after reading a few news reports (and simultaneously, totally discounting the fact much modern research is flawed, biased or both) or Web MD articles, I'm hesitant to offer any sort of medical opinion, but I think most people have heard that fevers are usually a good thing.

Stem Cells Help Man Regain Use Of Arms

A young man who suffered a severe injury has undergone some experimental stem cell therapy that has resulted in an incredible recovery. With the therapy, the 21-year-old has regained some use in his arms and hands, a complete breakthrough from previous treatments that only stabilized the spine and never extended those improvements any further from the area affected. 

Roahd Dahl Lost Daughter To Measles

As a homeschooler, I happen to know many "anti-vaxxers" who don't vaccinate their kids. While I understand their concerns, I have my own concerns on the validity of their research (remember when we used to say, "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet?" Somehow that's made a complete reversal), and personally I have witnessed so many kids saved by vaccines that I gladly make the choice to vaccinate and am grateful that I have the science and technology to do so.

Eye Analysis Reveals Stress Level

We know that stress levels can be measured in a variety of ways, but none of them are definitive. High blood pressure and high pulse rate can be the results of a plethora of circumstances, from lifestyle to hereditary traits. A heart attack? The same thing. While doctors can tell you to watch your stress levels, they often aren't sure whether they're as high as other contributing factors in a patient's life--especially if the patient is dishonest about health history.

Wash Your Hands, Doc

While working in the food industry, I remember what a hassle it was to make sure my team washed their hands, but I always made sure they did. It turns out that doctors might not be as careful as fast food workers. A new study shows that doctors' dedication to hand-washing drops down low when they're not being watched. While I think most people behave better when they know they're under public scrutiny, this is pretty important.

Easy on the Apple Cider Vinegar

As a die-hard fan of apple cider vinegar, I will sing its praises until the cows come home. I use it on everything from cleaning agents to body care, sunburn care to yes, a daily drink. It helps everything from complexion to indigestion to blood sugar and is a wonderful, cheap part of a healthy lifestyle. Even conventional doctors praise this solution--with a caveat that I've just learned and explains a lot. Drinking ACV by itself can actually be harmful in the long run.


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