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The Benefits of Chia Seeds

Ch-ch-ch-chia! I put chia seeds in my oatmeal and I’ll tell you why. Chia seeds are full of omega-3 fatty acids, and as a fish hater, I need a good, non-fishy source of these babies. They’re also full of protein and fiber, which help my stomach and keep me full while we’re running all over town like chickens without heads. We’re almost always doing something, like a lot of families, so it’s important to eat filling meals. They’re also full of calcium, antioxidants and a bunch of vitamins and minerals.

Promising New Drug for Ulcerative Colitis

It's called MDX-1100.

Ulcerative Colitis is a particularly painful, and for some, embarrassing digestive system disease. It occurs when the intestines became inflamed. They can become so inflamed that the sufferer is in pain, has fevers, has bleeding, and can lose weight. Diarrhea is often present, requiring frequent trips to the bathroom.

The disease often starts in the rectal area, but it can grow slowly to infect the entire large intestine. While the exact cause is not known, it is believed that a weaker immune systems, certain foods, and stress can trigger attacks.

In severe cases, surgery is an option, but that involves removing the colon, which requires the patient to wear an ileostomy bag to collect waste. There's also steroids -- while this helps some, others cannot tolerate the side effects which may include cramping and weight gain. Some drugs also suppress the immune system, which makes the patient more prone to infection and other diseases, like cancer.

New Experimental Drug Helped Monkeys Lose Weight

On average, monkeys who took the experimental drug, Adipotide, lost eleven percent of their total body weight.

Obesity is a growing epidemic in this country, and the researchers, scientists, and the medical community have been working hard to combat the disease. Now, a recent study has revealed that a new drug may help in this fight.

Researchers out of Texas are reporting the results of a remarkable study with potentially groundbreaking and significant implications against the battle against obesity. An experimental drug, called Adipotide, has been manufactured and designed to destroy fat cells, and it appears to be helping a test group of monkeys lose weight.

Drink Up Fellas! Coffee Found to Reduce Instances of Lethal Prostate Cancer

A strong correlation exists between coffee consumption and high-risk prostate cancer prevention.

     You know, I deserve this. Years spent tolerating disapproving glances, upturned noses, and left-handed comments on account of my vices (and there have been many). I sold the paraphernalia, quit smoking cigarettes, halved (maybe even quartered) my alcohol intake...hell, I have a retirement plan and slow down at yellow lights. One of the few vices I have left is my coffee. Mornings are vindictive sunshiny bastards (even though I'm hardly ever awake after midnight anymore) and it takes at least three cups of joe just to get out the door. I have Colombian Bold breath, the tips of my fingers are a shade darker than the rest of my hands, and my students make comments about the coffee stains on the graded work I hand back. Smart-asses comment on the collection of travel mugs on my desk.

Another Dubious-Sounding Study About Alcohol

Can Alcohol Help You Learn More?

I just came across another dubious-sounding study touting the benefits of alcohol consumption; this time, the claim is that drinking alcohol can help the brain remember more than it did previously. The idea behind the University of Texas at Austin study is a little complicated—the researchers believe that alcohol only helps certain areas of the brain remember through neuro-plasticity, which is the re-wiring of the brain.

Get a Vibrant & Healthy Immune System for 2011

I’ll be the first to admit, I have a weak immune system. As a preteen, I had to repeat the 7th grade, because I was sick constantly and missed three quarters of my 7th grade year from illness. These days, if I go out to a club where there are lots of people coughing and sneezing I make sure that I take Emergen-C the next morning to keep from getting sick. That’s been the case at pretty much every club I’ve been to in the past couple months. It is cold and flu season after all.

Anger Gene May Be Isolated

I’ve heard over and over again that alcoholism is hereditary. That’s why I vowed to never drink a drop as a teenager. I said to anyone who’d listen that there would be 7-Up at my wedding, and anyone who didn’t like it could just shove it.

I was a charming teenager.

See, my grandparents were both alcoholics; in fact, my grandfather died from his alcoholism (cirrhosis of the liver). Thankfully my grandmother stopped drinking after he died, though she unfortunately perished due to her other vice, which caused her to get lung cancer. Several of my other relatives have also been alcoholics, and it’s either sickened or scared me enough to know I don’t want to be one.


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