Quick ringworm remedies

Quick ringworm remedies

The creams don’t work; now what?

I have heard from so many people that say anti-fungal creams do not work on their ringworm. (Ringworm is a fungus, by the way, not a real worm, so don’t worry about carrying worms under your skin if you get it!) So what do you use when the creams don’t work?

Most people say go to your doctor to get either oral medication or a prescription grade topical cream. That said, I’ve also come across some very interesting home remedies that I thought I would share, such as:

  • Burning notebook paper on a plate, then rubbing the residue on your breakout
  • Covering the ringworm with clear nail polish to “smother” it
  • Using bleach on the breakout (I also read this is very painful—but it’s a fast way that wrestlers who are in constant close contact get rid of the fungus).
  • Rubbing a penny dipped in vinegar on the breakout
  • Applying any cream recommended, then covering it with plastic wrap or tape to keep it dry

Have you ever had ringworm? What did you use as a cure? Have you used any of the ideas here? Share your experiences and recommendations in the comments below.