Holistic Medicine Arrives At Ride Aid

What do you think of the decision?

Rebranding is all the rage right now, and Rite Aid is jumping in with a complete change by embracing holistic medicine. As "natural remedies" and "alternative therapies" become more and more popular, the stores has decided to feature these techniques in stores to appeal to more holistically inclined clientele.

It seems like it has plenty of pros and cons associated with the decision, depending on how deeply they venture into the holistic medicine trail. Many remedies may have merit, but some are bound to prey on those who require "no chemicals" in their meds, which we all know isn't a thing, since everything is technically a chemical of some sort.

What do you think of the decision?

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Stocking Up The Medicine Cabinet

Share your routine!

Many of us don't bother stocking up our medicine cabinets, which means that we just run out and get what we need when we're out or when we notice an expired medicine. I usually clean mine out a few times a year, but I don't always stock up for the season. As a person who regularly gets colds and the flu, I do try to have several items on hand for when it all strikes, but then I find myself with gross, soggy cough drops!

Normally I stock up on Nyquil, since that's what helps me the most, as well as some Dayquil, saline solution, chest rub and epsom salt. I may grab other things if they are on sale, like pain relievers, as well as creature comforts, like a heating pad, my favorite device. Tea is also essential, as is local honey, but I try to stock up on that before the farmer's markets close.

What do you stock up on this time of year?

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New Organ In Human Head

Scientists make startling discovery

It's not every day when a new human organ is discovered, so when oncologists recently found new organs within the human head it was a pretty big deal. And even though it's just a pair of salivary glands, it remains a big deal due to the very cancer treatments the oncologists were working on in the first place.

Many people are well aware that keeping up one's appetite during cancer treatments is of the utmost importance, which is why harming these glands during radiation treatment could prove disastrous. Doctors are now looking for a different way to treat the area while knowing those glands are present.

What other cool medical news have you read this week? Share it in the chat.

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The First In Line For A Vaccine

Who will it be?

As a vaccine is rapidly developed to help us combat Covid-19, people are starting to wonder who will be first to get it. Obviously there won't be enough vaccines for everyone all at once as they are distributed, so the top priority has to go to... someone. 

A four-tier release suggested by the National Academy of Medicine seems like a good idea. It supposes distribution to healthcare and frontline workers, older adults and people with underlying conditions first. I feel like teachers and other people exposed to many germs on a daily basis might also be high priority, don't you? I know this is influenced by the stories I've read of teachers dying from the illness. 

Who do you think should be first in line? 

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Keeping Your Spirits Up

What's helped your mental health the most during this pandemic?

The effects of this pandemic aren't only taking a toll in terms of the terrible body counts in so many states as many simply ignore social distancing and mask advisories. They've also affected many of us in terms of mental health. Not hugging our loved ones for all these months, constantly trying to be responsible in communities where so many refuse to make the same sacrifices and dealing with all of the uncertainty, worry and politics of it all--many while suffering at work or health wise as well--is bound to create a heavy weight on most shoulders. So how are you coping? What have you found to be the most helpful? Coronavirus burnout and fatigue is a thing, and experts say it makes people do riskier activities. Instead, they say we should try to stay flexible, and practice guidelines to make them routine and easy to follow. Remember that things will continue to change as experts learn and do more. They say we need to be consistent, involve kids in choice making and to never give up on preventative measures. That's all important, but what about managing day to day stress?

Share what's helped you cope so far this year in the chat.

Hey Trump, Share the Meds

Trump's treatment proves that we could be doing much better as a nation

Who wouldn't want the cocktail that Trump's been given, particularly those 'roids that have him so hyped up that he could probably clean the entire White House, if he knew how. I doubt that man child has ever cleaned a day in his life. No, what I'm talking about is the medicine that he's been treated with, complete in the hospital with socialized medicine and chandeliers, that proves that Americans could be doing better but aren't because of our crap healthcare system.

Many have pointed out that Trump is out of breath on a good day, that he definitely doesn't take care of his health and that he's even proud of the fact. So the fact that he can improve after getting healthcare fit for a king while teachers die like flies throughout the week is especially revealing when it comes to the coronavirus as a whole. For him to deny everyone a relief package while taking away healthcare... he might as well be saying, "Let them eat cake."

How are you voting next month, and how are you going to push for better healthcare in this country? Share your actions in the chat.

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Boosting Your Immune System for Fall

What does your doctor suggest?

We all know there are things that you can do to support your immune system... and things that are total malarky that are touted as golden elixirs of life. There are probably plenty of things in between, too; I know that vaccines don't always work, as my kiddo got a really mild case of chicken pox that perplexed doctors even after having had the vaccine years before. They thought they were bug bites at first!

I was reading this article about ways to support your immune system and while I'm not sure I'm sold on them all, I do know that doctors and nurses have suggested things like extra vitamin C and D, protein, and plenty of veggies and fruits to me in the past. Lots of water, exercise and rest are also super important! These should all be a given, but in our hectic lives we often don't make time for what's important. And don't forget to maks up, wash your hands and social distance! 

Has your doctor given you any good advice for supporting your immune system? 

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How Medicine Has Changed Forever

Covid-19 has lasting effects

While nobody loves Covid-19, it has brought a silver lining with its storm as most things do. One of these linings is the fact that telemedicine may be here to stay, which is great for families who can't make it to the doctor for various reasons. It's also made lots of activities more accessible to poeple with disabilities, some of whom are finding themselves finally able to participate in a largely virtual world. 

Some fear that mask wearing may become a new way of life, but I'm really not worried about that so much as I am preventing the spread as much as possible. I also thinking if wearing masks during flu season could save a life, we should definitely do it every year.

How about you? How do you think medicine has changed? Has it done so for the better or worse?

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Flu Shot Specials

Where do you get yours?

This year we have even more considerations when it comes to getting our flu shots. How can you safely get one? My husband and I went to Target for ours since we get $5 gift cards (which we blew on a Halloween cat scratching house!) and it was easy enough to get in and out. We're taking our teen to our doctor's well visit office to get one.

I've heard of people asking about drive-through flu shots to keep them as socially distant as possible but I haven't seen any locally just yet. How about you? Where are you getting your flu shots this year? Who has the best promos and safety measures?

Share your flu shot resources in the chat.

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The Biden Plan

Have you seen this video?

There's a video going around about what Joe Biden's plan to tackle Covid-19 is, and not only is this video so juvenile in its delivery that it sounds as if it's made for toddlers, but the plan itself is also so simple fourth graders could have come up with it. And yet... Trump hasn't done any of it.

That is where we are right now, folks. We're at the point where simply wearing masks, accelerating testing, ensuring all healthcare providers have PPO and other basic common sense are considered revolutionary acts. It makes you want to cry. I often wonder if Trump, who absolutely knows he's trolling the entire country, agreed to do this just to demonstrate how fragile our democracy is--if not to usher in fascism itself.

Have you seen the Biden plan? What did you think of it?