There's No Vaccine Reserve

But is anyone really surprised?

It turns out that the Trump Administration, which my have the record for the most lies of any administration in U.S. history, lied about having vaccine reserves stockpiled for the American people. Nope. The "reserves" were already out before they were even promised to the people and now people like Governor Polis are saying they are shocked.

I'm not shocked. Dismayed, outraged, contemptuous... all of those would be much more accurate for what I'm feeling lately for this administration that has "led" us so poorly, that has let hundreds of thousands die without caring about anything from mask mandates to consistency or transparency, that has left us to fend for ourselves while half of us try to stay distant and feel frustrated every second we miss with our loved ones even while we watch the half that refuses to make sacrifices, keeping those of us who are home and frustrated even longer...  

Knowing so many at risk, knowing some who've died, I really hope we're going to have enough vaccines for everyone. 

Have any other medical news to share in the chat?

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Cheap And Easy Ways To Relieve Stress

Share your methods in the chat!

Some of us can greatly benefit from sharing our self-care and stress relief tricks with one another. I know if I don't do at least one or two of mine daily I definitely feel it! Some of my musts are my daily vitamins and supplements (I definitely feel down if I skip my daily magnesium!), deep breathing exercises, a hot cup of tea, music, a walk or a bath soak, which has many of the same benefits as exercise.

I know staying away from the news is also helpful for my mental heath, as is plenty of water and sleep. When my tinnitus starts acting up, I know to really do some deep breathing, take a break or put on some ambient noise or music, and I get up from working every hour to stretch. I'd like to change that to a more frequent break but it's hard for me to concentrate when I do it.

How about you? What are your favorite cheap and easy ways to combat stress?

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Great Medical News

Share yours in the chat!

After celebrating the vaccine's development, I was so disheartened to learn that there are actual wealthy "donors" paying to get doses meant for elderly people. I don't know why it even surprised me but I'm incredibly sad, outraged and down about it. So I thought we could share some good medical news.

Sticking to my New Year goals has improved my numbers in just a few days, so that's good news! Both my kiddo and I found some great anxiety resources, which I'm also very excited about. One of the tips I learned today was to choose a color, then go around the room and transform everything into that color in your mind to help get grounded again during an anxiety attack. I know many people who could benefit from this and other tips.

What good health news do you have to share? Post it in the chat! 

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Anti-Vax Group Trolled by Woman Who Received Pfizer vaccine

It's pretty brilliant.

A woman who received the Pfizer vaccine recently trolled an anti-vax group, saying she'd had a bad experience she wanted to share with the group. When they asked her about it, she relayed her bad experience: bad parking and a locked car that wasn't actually locked.

It's a pretty hilarious movie, especially since she says that at least she got the vaccine and is now protected, so that's good! Since it's hard to report anti-vaxxers spreading fake news when they do it in private groups, infiltration like this is a great way to search and find it to report.

Have you read any other funny medical stories or good news about the vaccine lately? Share it in the chat.

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Cognitive Decline On The Incline With Boomers

Results may worsen with younger generations

The Boomer generation is exhibiting signs of worsening cognitive decline than previous generations, which doctors believe may be due to modern lifestyles with less physical activity and poor nutrition, higher rates of depression and loneliness, and increased levels of poverty. Given that Millennials have about a fifth of the wealth that the Boomers enjoyed at the current age of Millennials, it looks bleak for future generations without changes made.

As a Millennial, I worry about this already. I think poor sleep may also be to blame, which can lead to some of these same issues. My inability to pay attention and focus is through the roof these days, and while I'd like to just blame the pandemic and general anxiety about the state of the world, it may be due to any of these other factors, too.

What health news have you read this week? Share it in the chat.

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Covid-19 Toll On Hospitals

Find out how your local hospitals are faring

We hear lots of horror stories about how some hospitals are overrun with Covid-19 cases, but sometimes it's difficult to really tell where this is happening--especially with so many people in denial of the news. NPR has a new tool where you can check to see how your local area is faring.

Honestly it's still not clear, given how many hospitals have no data reported, and how many counties aren't even listed, including mine, which has hospitals filling up, according to our local papers.

How are your local hospitals faring? Does the data match up to what you expected?

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Anti-Vax Propaganda Warnings Hit Social Media

Be wary of videos and memes shared!

Most of us have friends that share anti-vax videos or memes (or had them prior to the pandemic; a lot of us have done some unfriending in 2020) and social media networks are warning that there's going to be an influx of these conspiracy-fueled shares now that we're getting closer to a vaccine.

While some networks will do their best to curb the spread of fake news and fake science, others may not. Even those who try will likely struggle given the volume they're up against in terms of the people who know someone who know someone who knows... whatever.

Let's do our best and NOT be a part of this problem, however that means. It might mean checking every piece before you share it multiple times. It might mean reporting the ones you see or calling out friends on misinformation shared. Think of it as your way of helping the scientific community as we attempt to beat this virus.

Have you ever accidentally shared erroneous info? How did you handle it?

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Covid-19 Vaccines Gain Approval

The U.S. sounds like it's not far behind

The UK has now approved a vaccine for Covid-19, making it the first Western country to do so in hopefully what will be many as soon as possible. The United States sounds like it may not be far behind as several vaccines are in development and experts say that everyone who wants one may have one sometime next year.

Dr. Fauci has stated that Americans may even develop herd immunity once the majority of Americans are immunized with the vaccine, but we definitely shouldn't count our chickens before they hatch and continue to social distance and wear masks until we know for sure. Hopefully everyone is making an effort to do so as the numbers of infected persons continues to rise. Be sure to spread the word that it's not only death that concerns experts regarding Covid-19, but the many side effects that harm survivors as well as the overcrowding of hospitals that affect life for many.

When do you think we'll have a vaccine? Share your thoughts and feelings in the chat.

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Take Those Shoes Off

Scientists Say It's Pretty Important

Every year I attempt to make my home a shoe-free zone and every year I fail, mostly because my partner likes to wear his shoes in the house. I'm hoping that these findings will help him reconsider! There are 421,000 kinds of bacteria on any given pair of shoes, according to one study, and many are the kinds that make us sick, like E. coli.

As we deal with more germs, viruses and other dangerous substances, I think it's much better to be careful in 2020 and in the future. It's a good case to make against wearing the same shoes outside as you do inside. We can always just pull a Mr. Rogers and wear a different pair indoors, and I plan on getting my partner some slippers for this purpose!

What other interesting news have you read this week about bacteria and diseases? Share it in the chat.

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Humans Continue To Evolve

Contrary to what some might say is popular opinion...

It's so frustrating to watch humans refuse to social distance, wear masks and make tiny sacrifices to protect one another, which makes it difficult for some to believe that we're still evolving. It makes perfect sense for any species still on this planet to continue to do so as long as they exist, however, and the human evolution of a particular artery is one example.

The median, or third, artery develops in the womb to help circulate blood to the hands, but later disappears... at least, in most people. But scientists are discovering that many people in modern society aren't losing this extra artery and seem to be adapting to living with it. We're not sure why, but it may be related to the mother's health issues while pregnant.

Have you read any other cool evolutionary news? Share it in the chat.

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