Nyloxin and Cobroxin: the next great quackery scam

It is LITERALLY snake oil.


There's no shortage of BS products to take money from fools, and Nyloxin (and its competing, or perhaps sister, product Cobroxin) is the most recent one to come down the pike. Taking over from past scams like magnets and colloidal silver, Nyloxin is being sold in infomercials, as end cap displays at drug stores, and - most likely - in the classified ad of your local paper.
This "product" (I use the term loosely) is sold in both an oral spray and a topical gel form. It purports to contain cobra venom, and to cure pain. All kinds of pain, from all sorts of maladies, from herniated disks to cancer. It is literally a cure-all, and that's not even the fishiest part.
What's wrong with Nyloxin? Why is Nyloxin a fraud? Let me count the ways. 
First, there is no way to guarantee if there is any cobra venom in this product, or how much, or of what quality. This is a completely unregulated product. 
Second, even if it does contain cobra venom, the scientific data on cobra venom having an analgesic effect is skimpy. Nyloxin cites many studies, but all of them were performed with injected venom (not ingested or topically applied). Worse, none of the studies were peer-reviewed, none of them were double-blind, and none of them were performed with a control group. In other words, it's junk science at best.
Third, the placebo effect when it comes to pain control is huge. HUGE. 
Fifth, the company producing it is being run by some very sketchy individuals who have a history of unethical behavior.
Sixth, the biggest thing Nyloxin and Cobroxin have going for them is the testimonials of complete strangers online. Oh, and there are testimonials. A veritable flood of them. But A) see above regarding the placebo effect, B) it's pretty easy and cost-effective to pay offshore workers to churn out testimonials for your product, and C) if everyone paid $24.99 plus shipping and handling to jump off a cliff, would you jump, too?
I often get accused of being a shill for Big Pharma for saying things like this. Personally I feel like if that's the only criticism someone can make of what I have said, then they are basically admitting that I'm right. People, trust me: this stuff is a scam, and it's probably dangerous. Don't buy it.

Image courtesy Flickr/Chalky723


The internet allows for the uninformed and misinformed to slander products and services anonymously. Anybody reading these posts should do their own due diligence. Erika is extremely misinformed. Nyloxin and Cobroxin formulations are backed by 47 studies. Of those, 20 are in oral or topical forms. All of the studies quoted were published in peer-reviewed journals.

Anybody can become informed about the product by visiting www.Nyloxin.net. These products have been available since 2009 and have been used by thousands of people to relieve chronic pain and inflammation without the side effects associated with NSAIDs or opiates.

Lastly - this is not "snake oil", it's an extract of snake venom. Cobra venom has been used clinically in the United States for more than 100 years and has been featured in a recent article in National Geographic.


Becky Burns's picture

Becky Burns

My mom has used Cobroxin for several years, and LOVES it. She used it on my late dad, who had chronic back and hip pain, and it DID help him. She gave some to a friend with bad back and leg pain, and she also LOVES it! While there may be a lot of the power of suggestion in the placebo effect, Cobroxin DOES work!!


howard's picture


I am curious, I tore my right meniscus about 30 years ago, did not want to go under the knife for repair and I currently take raisins soaked in gin, and now I am curious if this would be a better fix?


Ethylene's picture


Cobroxin is the BEST and QUICKEST Pain relief KNOWN!!! I only hope it will become easier to find for purchase again... OR, as soon as I can FIND Nyloxin, I DEFINITELY WILL buy it, as well!!!! Those drug-filled prescriptions are killing me!


Shantiann's picture


Thanks for your input.....and as far as this "so-called" reviewer goes....he claims that people are paid overseas for their reviews, someone should ask him how much BIG PHARMA is paying HIM to go to all the Homepathic and Naturopathic sites to bad mouth all natural products that work and are AFFORDABLE....something Big Pharma can't make huge profits off the backs of poor and middle-class people. Man-made "pharmaceuticals" are poison....heaven forbid we should live naturally and get our medicines from the planet!


pat williams's picture

pat williams

It seems like cobroxin disappeared from stores that used to stock it all of a sudden last year, then the same company came out with an identical product containing the same active ingredient but with a slightly different name "Nyloxin" which reminds me less that its cobra-toxin than the name "cobroxin" did... I wonder if they hadent ironed out all the kinks in cobroxin before putting it on the shelves which is what prompted a decline in its marketing & a rise of promotion for its replacement product "Nyloxin" instead. Both were designed & marketed by the same company that's runned by some very sketchy/unethical people with checkered pasts. Kindy suspicious of this company & their methods is all I'm saying.


Bill Cover's picture

Bill Cover

Can you prove anything your are saying. If not , be careful.


patrick williams's picture

patrick williams

Bill cover is it? Yes I was involved & close to the situation as it unfolded, cobroxin was pulled & replaced for concerns over its safety, preservatives & WHOLE venom protein content! It was not purified or extracted, it was cobra venom in pure whole form(cardiotoxins, myotoxins & all too). By the way Bill 'better run for' Cover, was that a threat for me to be careful? Really? Since your not even using your real name, how do you feel like you can intimidate me? You know where I reside? No... you idiot


AhlenaK's picture


The company hired to promote it Did very little they had to fire them but they had distribution rights I think. The one add they ran for a week on the hallmark channel or something like that doubled there sale at all retail stores the next week alone. I am getting a sample and probably gonna get on board with the company... www.facebook.com/ahlenak


Charlie Downing's picture

Charlie Downing

When Nutra Pharma launched Cobroxin in the USA they had not done a survey on the name Cobroxin. A focus group was put together and they liked the name Nyloxin. Nutra Pharma therefore started marketing Nyloxin to all places outside of the USA. The launch in the USA was already in full swing so to change the name would not have been feasible. When Nutra Pharma was ready launch the product outside the US, they changed the name to Nyloxin. The reason they pulled Cobroxin off the shelves was due to the original company that was hired to market it. They did not have enough capital at the time to do a major campaign to properly marketed it. Therefore sales were down due to nobody knowing about it and stores pulled the product. They have hired a new marketing firm and are now aggressively marketing the product.


Ayla's picture


My dtr and I both have used this product and gotten great, instantaneous relief: arthritic knee, sprained ankle, muscle tension in the neck, back pain. I used to keep a bottle or two around and gave the last one to my adult dtr. Now I can't find it anymore and am very disappointed. It works gr8. I am a PT, as well.


JAG's picture


I must admit I don't have any pain and I don't use the product. I'm just an investor in the stock. It's less the 1 cent a share. If all the reviews are as good as people say this stock should go up quite a bit. For people that believe in this product that should look at the stock symbol NPHC and purchase some shares to help keep this product around. Commercials should be hitting all major networks in the next 30 days and NPHC is hoping to get a gov't contract for Nyloxin military strength for our wounded veterans. I hope this product continues to work for the many people that use it and I am mentioning to everyone I know that experiences pain. Go NPHC!!!


Robin's picture


My husband often has severe pain which prevents sleep. This is the only product that helps him! I see that Amazon isn't carrying it.


johnathan andrews's picture

johnathan andrews

This product has had horrible lasting effects on my body & overall health. I took cobroxin spray 2 years ago for a month only getting through half the bottle before having serious health issues. My balance, diction, energy levels, concentration & mood are only a few of the things it devastated, ofcourse I thought there's no way this stuff was to blame until I downloaded the drug insert pamphlet online(which was not in the box of the product when purchased as it should have been) upon reading it I was horrified that I trusted my body & health to this product since the literature in the pamphlet is not grammatically correct & hardly even readible(as if a type of decieving corporate dialect was used to confuse & distract the consumer from the frightening truth of what they divulge in it). It says it is 100% safe, natural(I.e. comes from a cobra's venom gland! Along with inactive chemical preservatives ofcourse) & non-toxic! That made me laugh as it is a neurotoxin, while yes designed by nature, its designed through an evolution of incapacitating & killing a cobra's prey! It is very lethal & later in the pamphlet they even contradict themselves by stating that all side effects are probably as a result of it being a neurotoxin. It is the worst thing you can do to yourself, & though it is only supposed to last in your system around 56 hours before excreted(which is impossible since it numbs your insides constipating you for days), the damage it causes while in your system is permanent, can be fatal & certainly causes lasting long-term secondary complications as I can attest to with months of blood & urine lab work by my physician that is still not normal(deficiencies indicative of kidney & liver damage) which could even be as a result of improper production & chemical preservatives that are added. This is not something to mass produce & pitch to consumers like a new burger at McDonald's, it is toxic venom from a lethal genus of snake. Would you drink black widow spider venom if it made your back numb too? I was so foolish for trying this garbage, I really wonder if these creeps have ever tried their own product, ofcourse they haven't their not crazy they know how harmful it is like a doctor that doesn't smoke. Do not try this product it is poison!


Mike O's picture

Mike O

Sorry to hear you thought the product was to blame, but given the fact I have used product for past few months, I have had no adverse effect, just relief, so could it be you had an allergy, who knows, but homeopathic products use only minute protein found in cobra venom, not the venom itself, so you may have had the placebo effect in reverse, something I know all too well can happen. Example, I got bit by a raccoon years ago, and being paranoid over rabies, and not being able to catch raccoon, I got so sick, vomit, fever, chills, I thought for sure I had rabies, and didn't, so from that point forward, I knew how powerful our minds are. Sadly, you didn't get the results you had hoped for, so who knows if you had an allergy or not, it is too long ago to say.


granny grunt's picture

granny grunt

First let me say that I'm sorry you went through all you did. Second, I was 'very skeptical about joining' their party for Nyloxin.

I'll tell ya something. I believe Cobroxin is now producing Nyloxin. There's an online business coming up, and I won't go into the details; however, much of any money paid to those who join is for buying Ad Units, at $50 a pop, only good for 90 days. And to throw the monkey wrench into it, to make any money a person would have to buy the ad units within whichever state the infomercial is shown in. The other investment is for a decent 'level' like Gold being the best, with all the options; Bronze being 'not great' with few resources. So it boils down to make any 'real money' putting up ads for this stuff, you've got to invest about $2 grand; join at a decent level, get 4 people and build the MLM matrix; and when you do then it is, to me, out of pocket time and time again.

I've read a consumer safety page about Nyloxin, and it seemed it may work. But, then I thought about the answer to the question I received on a webnar for this stuff. My question to the moderator was, "What clinical trials have they done? And what about people who have allergic reactions?" The guy that's supposed to be well informed didn't take the first question, but said about the second, "I think they've diluted the formula quite a bit." That to me was a total turn off, and not only sent me out looking for answers, of which I found the not now unavailable in stores, Cobroxin.

Now, I disagree with the person that made the original post about the colloidal silver. I've used that for years and have been virus free. I also use it on band aids, and sometimes I buy the silver bandages and they 'do heal the wounds faster.' Bacteria has -0- defense something as natural as silver. But as far as this product, I'll keep going till I get more answers.

One thing's for certain, and that. the Propylene Glycol they use may be diluted, but it's 'still toxic'. It's also in foods and some vitamins, and I turn away from it, since it is derived from Petroleum products. Our bodies have -0- in it when we arrive on this planet, and it's totally unnatural; sometimes causing headaches and nausea. This product also contains Ethanol. BAD CHOICE. If it hasn't raised side affects on some, it will soon. Nyloxin contains the Asian Cobra venom. I'm not trusting that very much as too many people may have allergic reactions.

I'm very happy that I read your comment, as it made me look at the Amazon "reviews" that much closer. Not many are listed as 'verified purchasers.'...and all with 5 stars?? Nahhh, Amazon is slipping up bad.


Tom Hansen's picture

Tom Hansen

You obviouly are smart enough and write well enough to explain your case. From your thesis, premises and conclusion, you were well aware of what you were taking, and you even have the nerve to use explanations against your own self; black widow poison analogy. So then sir, why the hell are you complaining. You have no one to blame but yourself. You know the diffenece between a moron and an ingnorant fool. The moron really has no clue. The ignorant fool has a brain, knows the risks but still takes the risk anyway so they can complain about their actions later. YOU obvioulsy are the latter.


J Andrews's picture

J Andrews

You are saying I'm an idiot, a moron or an ignorant fool for using cobroxin huh? Well your right, you just proved my point. I admit I was foolish & made a mistake, now I wish to inform others to not do the same.
As for the "rabbies reverse placebo" comment; are you indicating that its all just a placebo? Cause you cobroxin guys(employees) can't have it both ways lol. Either its real cobra venom & therefore you admit it has the potential to cause serious allergic side effects in some ppl or you admit its all just placebo which means its safe but not genuinely effective and yes is thus a scam! Can't have it both ways guys, or should I say morons for sinking a bunch of money into a joke of an idea for a company that is now going bankrupt! Hopefully no one else wastes money on this crap whether its on the product itself or to invest in their false hopes & pyramid schemes(MLM matrix my *$#)


Steve Brown's picture

Steve Brown

Let the those who have never had to deal with pain call this quackery all they want, but the fact is it works and works very well. I say to those who want to take shots at the product, to have a relative with pain try it and have them give their honest response. The placebo effect is plain ridiculous! You either have pain or you don't and those of us suffering from extreme pain have tried many products and the placebo effect never came into play then. This is the one product that really works. If you doubt me, just try it and see for yourself. If your in pain and not to try this for around $40 w/coupon you are missing out on one of the best pain products on the market. I challenge anyone to find a better product than this Nyloxin ES Spray. Feel free to email if you want the truth about this product or if you want to ask me a question. My email is: maryjbrown@centurytel.net and I will gladly reply. Cheers!


S. Corso's picture

S. Corso

This product works. Both my husband and I use it.


American consumer's picture

American consumer

I am real America citizen that buy cobra venom cobroxin. It real good, I love it pain go away when use! You buy it, you buy it, you feel good too. I not work for cobroxin, just satisfyd consumer. It make all pain go away far away for long time, like pain go on vacation! It da real deal holyfield, so you buy it. Go buy it now. Bone spur pain gone, arthritus gone, sciatica gone, back pain ehh still there but soon hope be gone too. You buy it. I real America customer. Nitrate Pharma forever!


Nadine E.'s picture

Nadine E.

I have suffered for about 2 years now with Plantar Fasciitis pain in my feet. The pain was excruciating and it kept me from doing the things I love. I could just make it to work and home and I was tired from being in pain all day long. I also suffered from pain in my knees. Like everyone else out there I was skeptical when I heard about this product but when you are in a lot of pain for a long period of time you are willing to try things that you believe may help you. Well I have been using this product, the roll on version for three days now. I had pain relief from day 1 but today on my third day I can't even believe how great I feel. I would say my pain has gone down 80% and I think it will get even better the longer I use it. If you are thinking of trying this product but you are not sure it will work for you, just try it. It is not that expensive which is a miracle itself, and they have a 30 day money back guarantee. So you really can't lose. I signed up to be an affiliate because I want to help my friends who suffer as well and tell everyone I know how great this product is. So if you want to try it here is my link. You won't be disappointed. http://www.MyNyloxin.com/ellernadine


Ethylene Tatum's picture

Ethylene Tatum

Poor, poor Erika! Your Misinformed CRAP about our tried and proven Nyloxin should get you sued for slander! We've been using this for years, and we don't need some jealous exhibitor like you, trying to prevent us from being able to keep buying it! So, maybe YOU SHOULD take your own advice and JUMP OFF A CLIFF YOURSELF, instead of trying to get US to!!!


Mike's picture


Erica Since you probably have not tried it or had a reason to use it your mostly writing from your one sided opinion. I had severe elbow issues and after taking oral anti-inflammatories and steroids for months with no results, I was given some Nyloxin roll on to try. 2 weeks later, pain free and now I'm back to playing golf. Maybe it is smokes, whistles, quackery but nothing else worked and this did. GO NYLOXIN FORE!


paul's picture


nyloxin has passed the homeopathic standard for safety and is not dangerous. it is sponsored by the arthritis foundation and that's how i found out about it. i use it every morning before work to ease my pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. i would recommend it to anyone who needs a homeopathic remedy for pain.


DL Monty's picture

DL Monty

Look 'Sir' the stuff works. I'm sitting here at my Desk with a bottle of it right in front of me. I have 13 Blow Disc, from my Butt through my Neck, and sitting at the computer just "Kills" my neck. I rub this On, and in 3-5 mins., the pains gone. Not forever, but what a relief while I'm at the Computer ... For me it works, better then your Oxy Or Methadon, and were on both, at the same time, and now I'm not ... all Dr. prescribed. Have you ever had to go through Narc. withdrawal before "Sir" ... I didn't think so. I have, Not fun ...
I'm sure this individual that wrote this "Review" (A) doesn't live in Pain 24/7, and (B) I'm sure doesn't believe "Pot" has Healing property's as well, Do you ...!!!


Rosie's picture


I would like to talk with the guy with the 13 blown disks.I myself have a lot of conditions in my spin. Im between new pain management Dr.s right now. So im off my oc's and methadom.And im willing to try anything.And I'm a person that swears by methadom it is my miracle drug. It helps me feel like a capable person agian,but I do still have some pain on it. So if this helps him without his pain meds completly then it has to be an amazing product. And I agree he must not suffer 24/7. I do


Terry's picture


Don't you mean METHADONE? Not methadom? Makes me wonder if you even actually used it


jim's picture


Ok one spell error is common but Rosie you used methadom as the spelling 2 times in seperate sentences. If you really had ever been prescribed Methadone! As you say its your miracle, then you would atleast know the correct name. This obviously shows that Nutra Pharma(the company that's makes cobroxin & Nyloxin) & their intermediary Xenacare distributor are using false testimonials as an attempt to market & inflate their stock value, which is less than a cent right now btw. Penny stocks are a scam for suckers, this stock is worth even less! Avoid the product if these are the tactics they use to market it.


Patricia Williams's picture

Patricia Williams

Thank you Monty! I couldn't have said it better. What degenerative disc disease didn't do to my spine, arthritis has. The
combination has caused spinal stenosis which is growing worse with the passing of time. Both of my hips were destroyed
by arthritis and have been replaced. Virtually every joint in my body has been destroyed by this terrible disease, and it
did not happen because I was inactive. I was an athlete and a dancer. My former doctors prescribed all of the highly
addictive drugs you and I are familiar with. Three and a half years ago I struggled to "kick the habit". The withdrawal
symptoms nearly killed me. My only problem with Cobraxin is that it is so difficult to find. I have learned to find it online,
order a generous supply, monitor the remainder of the supply and order well in advance. I have had no side effects.
The degree of relief is virtually unbelievable. I can use it for a few days and the pain dissipates so that I don't need it
again for awhile. When it returns, I "grease up" again. It keeps me going and allows me to lead an almost normal
life. I'll never be on Dancing With the Stars, but I can take care of my husband, my home, and my grandchildren.


Sarah's picture


I have severe neuropathy. Nothing, including narcotics, helped. I found Cobroxin online & told my husband that cobra venom is a neurotoxin and if it didn't help, which it should, maybe it would kill me--I didn't really care which. After using it for a week as directed, along with my other pain meds, it WORKED!!! I could function again after 6 months of agonizing pain. I love it!


sharon tate's picture

sharon tate

Kinda funny how all these "different" testimonials declare glaring similarities in pain condition, pain doctor/pain meds & duration of pain "agony" before using cobroxin. Also funny that so many devoted users are just waiting online to discount it argue any negative mention of this product, hmmm... Also its strange that if it worked so well for so many, why did all in person retailers like walgreens pull cobroxin from theory shelves? Seems like as long as its only sold online the manufacturer is the only party that takes responsibility for the safety & effectiveness of the product which they certainly do not as is obvious by all these fake testimonials herein. Ahh NutraPharma when will you learn your product is worthless and leave the testimonials to actual consumers?


Chris James's picture

Chris James

It's called breach of contract. The company that was distributing Cobroxin breached the contract and that is why it was pulled off the shelf. There is also a chance that it will be placed back in the physical marketplace within the next year. Don't babble about something unless you know what you're talking about.


Sarah's picture


Kinda funny how you discount everyone's opinion but your own. Are you perhaps connected to a rival company that practices such tricks of which you are accusing NutraPharma? You certainly don't sound as if you are in pain and need help, much less that you have even tried this product. I am an ordinary 60+-year-old "actual consumer" trying to function and keep working, and Cobroxin is a miracle "drug" for me! Are people like you the reason we can only get it online now? If so, shame on you!


sharon T.'s picture

sharon T.

Look Sarah, I am not connected or affiliated to any company involved in the matter unlike you & all your angry cobroxin devotees which means you obviously work for the company or are paid by them. I have the freedom of speech to inform my fellow consumers of the fraud that cobroxin/Nyloxin is. Yes I have pain & yes I have tried cobroxin, it did nothing but make me sick so I threw it out. I'm also sick of scam artist companies thinking they can sell garbage to the public then laugh all the way to their banks. And for you Chris (Chris James was it? Oh yea 2 first names sounds real btw) how do you know of a breach of contract like that unless you work at the company or are a share holder? You obviously are & should state that so we know you will be biased.


Sharon T's picture

Sharon T

People like me? Excuse me Sarah, I am an unbiased consumer that was sold this awful product. Oh and I did some research, cobroxin killed people! Nutra Pharma also sold an injectable(yes syringe & bottle) version to inject yourself with cobroxin directly, it was only sold directly through them mail order & unfortunately people started dieing, I've found reports of 2 known deaths from injectable cobroxin so far. Gee who'd of thought you could get hurt by having cobra venom in your veins? That's why you have to buy it on-line now Sarah, do you still want to?


Peter in PA's picture

Peter in PA

I don't use the stuff, my wife does. She had carpal tunnel, both hands, and was operated on, both hands. She used cobroxin before the surgery and it helped to some degree, but when she didn't the pain went up to her neck. The surgery helped with the pain, and lessened it, but she still has pain and so still uses it. I am a real person, and wouldn't have even commented except I see you are an idiot and I can't help but kick an idiot when they deserve it. So IDIOT, people are supposed to take what you say seriously, as you go on about this product being "pulled" from shelves? You obviously must think that products just dance onto the shelves at your favorite store because you wish it right? MORON.... anyone with a product to sell has to vie for a spot on the shelf. It seems to me, and I won't state it as fact because I, unlike you, am not a moron, so I'll go with speculation and put the notion out there that instead of the headaches involved with brick and mortar retail, online sales are much easier. But to go further, just who do you think you are to cast aspersions about something you know absolutely nothing about? Let me guess, you think you are the smartest person in the room right? You should try bigger rooms, idiot.


Shelly Corso's picture

Shelly Corso

Sarah, If you are having an issue finding Nyloxin you may get it here: www.mynyloxin.com/ChronicPainRelief Both my husband and i use this product and it works great for both of us. I am not an overseas tesdtimony as a matter of fact I live in Texas. If any of you have any questions that I can answer for you, please do not hesitate to contact me via email: mynyloxin@yahoo.com Thank you, Shelly Corso


John Onyma's picture

John Onyma

There is a market for "contrarian" views, and I appreciate them. But this one needs a bit more explaining (?)

We just posted to JohnsAddiction.com a report that Nutra Pharma is pitching a military formulation based on cobra venom. If true, there must be some basis for it. The military has problems with addictive pain killers, and plenty of need for analgesics. http://johnsaddiction.com/5605-cobra-venom-nyloxin-military/

We received a comment that was clearly a marketing comment, co-citing Cobroxin, but that is to be expected. People are entitled to make a living selling and merchandising etc. There was nothing un-toward about it... just a co-mention. That helps users.

But your post here.... does it help users? It seems to present a contrarian view, but veers off when it makes claims of fraud and deception, and off-handed comments about junk science. Unless you clarify (which I wish you would... I'd like to be correct in posting to JohnsAddiction.com) this post seems at least as untrustworthy as any marketing posts making claims.


Patricia Winniford-Williams's picture

Patricia Winnif...

I have severe degenerative arthritis. Both of my hips have been replaced. My spine has the "Christmas tree" effect,
and I have had surgery three times for bone spurs. The discs in my spine have virtually disappeared from L-3 through
L-6, and I have spinal strenosis. Worst of all the arthritis has now attacked my hands, and I am (or was) a pianist.
Cobroxin is the ONLY thing that has give me any genuine relief, including the prescription (and highly addictive)
pain killers prescribed by a pain management specialist physician. The critic who wrote this scathing review should
also be aware that veterinarians are using it on horses with excellent results.


Joe Haigh's picture

Joe Haigh

Had numerous joint problems over the last 30 years, most recently in the last 5 years have been bothered by pain in my inner elbow, which was operated on nearly 15 years ago. Tried Cobroxin and after a short time it felt much better. . Worked better than the prescription anti inflammatory I'd been taking for years, or any of those smelly menthol products on the market. If Nyloxin is as effective as Cobroxin, it's got my vote as a great product.


Amused's picture


The comment thread following the post is really quite hilarious.


annewandering's picture


I agree, Hilarious. The comments do much to prove the author's point. "It must be good! I didn't die!" Objectivity is hardly ever the willing victims of hoaxes biggest virtue.


Anonymous's picture


Just curious if it is really considered a scam even if it is just placebo effect. Yeah sure people are getting paying too much for something that does not have actual physical effects, but if it the placebo effect causes an actual improvement in people then I would say that the product works.


Paul McGuirk's picture

Paul McGuirk

I give Nyloxin on five stars, I have chronic arthritis in my feet knees and hands. Four days after taking Nyloxin extra strength I no longer have pain. My feet would swell up so bad in the morning I can barely walk that no longer happens. In full disclosure I invest in the company that makes it Nutra Pharma. Nyloxin is truly an amazing product.


D Miller's picture

D Miller

Dude you are nothing short of an idiot. I am a United States veteran. I have severe back pain that had me in horrid pain for years. The day i found cobroxin at walgreens i was shuffling so slow slugs were passing me and flipping me off for going too slow! Once i finally made it back home and got this stuff in my system with in a week i was back to my young self again. Now a year later no back pain and feel so greatful. Not everything works the same on everyone because here is a thought moron we are all different! Try what works for you and i will stay with what works for me. As everyone should do.



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